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A Course Management System (CMS) Software:

A course Management system (CMS) software application for administering, documenting,
tracking, reporting, automating and delivering education courses , training or learning
programs and development programs. The concept of course Management system emerged
directly from e-Learning . Course Management systems were designed to identify gaps in
training and learning, using analytical data and reports.

Course Management System CMSs are focused on delivering e- learning, but supporting a range of uses, acting as a platform for online content, including courses, both asynchronously and synchronously. In the higher education space, an Course Management System(CMS) may offer classroom Management for instructor-led training or a flipped classroom . Modern Course Management System CMSs include smart algorithms to make automated course recommendations based on a user's skill profile as well as extract metadata learning materials to make these recommendations even more specific.


Competency-based programs are flexible since their structure varies depending on the
individual student. There are no rigid deadlines, predefined semesters or courses. Rather,
students take the reins of their learning, maintaining control over when and where their
projects and assessments take place. .

Custom Rhythm:

AAC values ​​the end result, not the journey. This allows students to choose their own pace
without having to restrict themselves to a pre-established learning process. As soon as the
student feels able to prove their mastery, they can undergo an assessment, receive credits and
move on to the next material. With the freedom to go as slow or fast as they want, students
get to graduate when they're ready.


Increased involvement is one of the greatest benefits of ACA. Students become more
engaged with the material because they have full responsibility for their learning. They feel in
control of when, where and how they learn. AAC also promotes individualized learning,
accommodating a range of learning styles to provide a truly personalized experience. This
experience inspires greater engagement, as content is tailored to each individual for greater


The cost of an AAC program varies by institution, program, and student pace. Many
institutions have created AAC programs with the specific goal of increasing learning and
reducing educational costs. In many institutions, tuition fees depend on the time required to
complete your studies. The faster a student progresses, the cheaper the program. Since many
AAC programs are offered online using new technologies, operational costs are eliminated,
reducing tuition fees.


One of the key benefits of ABA is that learning is centered on improving concrete skills and
competencies. Programs are designed around skills that are required for a given career,
ensuring material relevance. At the end of their course, students are ready for the workplace
and have expertise in the chosen field.

 Benefits Of Online Course Management System

1. Cost Reduction

The most glaring benefit of e-learning is that it's good on the wallet. Half a day of classic
training is as effective as one hour of e-learning training .Online learning reduces many of
these costs, as it cuts down on the costs of hiring an instructor, booking rooms, printing
materials, and travel expenses.

2.More Flexibility And Convenience

An average full-time employee cannot devote more than 1% of their time to learning
Employees often struggle to fit a continuing education program into their busy schedules. A
survey of 204 employees showed that 93 of them believed that lack of time was a main
reason why they were unwilling or unable to complete a training course. 56 others indicated
that it interfered with their work. An average full-time employee cannot devote more than 1%
of their time to learning.

3. Better Knowledge Retention

As online learning allows students to learn in their own way and in a self-regulated way , it
helps in absorbing more information. If a person needs to spend more time on a particular
point, they can study it as long and as many times as they want.

4. Increased Turnover

The American Society for Training and Development (2011) surveyed 2,500 companies and
found that those that offered comprehensive training programs enjoyed 218% higher revenue
per employee and higher margins.

5. Ease Of Updating

Nowadays, everything related to information and knowledge is likely to change very
quickly! When the training materials are printed, the only way to update them is to reprint
everything, which can be extremely expensive.

Disadvantages Of Online Learning

1. Requires Self-Discipline And Good Time For Course Management

41% of a sample of 204 employees indicated that lack of intrinsic motivation is a barrier to
their desire to participate in online learning.  While we can all agree that self-discipline and
time Management apply to all types of learning, online learning is less guided than traditional
learning .

2. Less Social Interaction

When you think of a traditional classroom setting, you probably also imagine lively group
discussions and students raising their hands to ask questions of their instructor. It is clear that
these situations do not happen naturally with online learning. For some people, face-to-face
interactions are key to bringing the material to life.

3. Not Suitable For All Subjects

Which of these two topics would you rather learn online: getting a plane to take off or
government guidelines on how to dispose of chemicals properly? Our choice, which we
believe should also be yours, is undoubtedly the latter. It goes without saying that you
absolutely wouldn't want to board a plane piloted by someone who had never flown
anywhere other than on a flight simulator

4. Lack Of On-The-Job Learning

Online learning is often very theoretical and lacks a practical component. Theoretical
knowledge covers facts, theories and reasoning, while practical knowledge is based on the
field and on real tasks. For example, e-learning is a great tool to learn all football theories (its
history, rules, etc.).

5. Technological Dependency

The new generations of people entering the labour market have already fully adopted new
technologies. This is one of the reasons that e-learning is becoming more and more
popular. However, not all people have yet fully integrated technologies into their daily

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