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Online Course Management System(CMS):

Online course management system(CMS) divide training programs into specific knowledge areas,
which helps increase relevance and means employees are much more likely to retain key
Online course management system(CMS) also give employees full control over their own learning,
allowing them to work at their own pace and move quickly through the content they
understand, so they can focus more time and effort.

E-learning courses also typically have more assessments and self-assessments built into the learning curriculum, which improves student engagement. Plus, it helps attendees be less distracted and retain more information.
Overall, e-learning is an effective tool for manufacturers to train their staff and improve skills in the workplace. This is all the more important following the implementation of an ERP, for

To Save Your Business Money

Online  training sessions are not only effective at getting employees to learn and retain
educational materials, but they are also much more cost effective than traditional face-to-face
training programs.
Many expenses – booking training facilities, travel costs for employees or trainers – are
significantly reduced with online training courses.

This does not mean that online learning is free, as there are associated costs, including
subscription to learning management programs and systems, purchase of external course
materials, fees online facilitator, as well as general maintenance and administration. But these
costs are much lower for manufacturers than paying for traditional training.

Also – spoiler alert – online training takes up significantly less employee time, which means
less time spent away from the workstation.

Requires Less Time To Learn The Skills

Employees, much like companies, often discourage investing in training opportunities for
themselves and their organizations due to the time commitment Indeed, online training puts employees in the driver's seat of their own learning and development.

They decide how long to train, when to complete tasks, and how to structure
their own development journeys. Not only is this a shorter time commitment from your
employees, but they can also focus on the areas they need most of the time, allowing for
higher levels of learning retention.

The flexibility built into online training courses gives 24/7 access to training materials,
meaning employees can learn at their own pace and don't have to follow their peers during a
session. This means your staff can work at their own pace and level of understanding,
allowing them to learn more and take charge of their own professional development.

E-learning courses generally allow employees to share the time they invest in the course in a
way that suits them. They don't need to be able to devote much of their time to the course, as
it will be just as effective if they can set aside half an hour here or there rather than devoting
whole days to training (and often losing interest and motivation the further the day

More Engaging From Your Employees

Your team members come from different backgrounds and experience levels, which means
everyone will have a different learning style depending on what suits them best.

Online training courses are usually made up of a mix of content delivery styles – videos,
lectures, interactive quiz, guided tutorials, online lectures and Q&A sessions to name a few. –
which means they are better able to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of staff

Personalized training paths help each staff member develop the skills, competencies and
knowledge they need for their job.

More engaging learning courses also equate to higher completion rates. If employees can
learn in the style and schedule that best suits their needs, they will be more likely to complete
training courses and improve their skill levels.

The Greener Alternative To Help Save Our Planet
‍We all want to reduce our environmental impact these days, and online training isn't just a
great alternative for your staff, it's also a great alternative for the environment.
The Open University in Britain has found that online courses average 90% less energy and
85% less CO2 emissions per student than traditional in-person courses.

And it's not just universities and other traditional educational institutions that are seeing the
environmental benefits. Online training means less commuting time, reduced carbon
emissions and environmental footprints. Videoconferencing is more environmentally friendly
and energy efficient, and allows offsite employees to easily participate in training courses.

The Best Of Both Worlds:

Blended Learning For Your Employees
‍If you're still unsure about switching from traditional training to online training, consider a
blended learning program. This allows you to gradually introduce learning technologies to
your employees and regularly create an online training program, while still getting the face-
to-face learning that some of your employees crave.

Many organizations have started to move to blended learning to maximize the benefits of in-
person and online training. The idea of ​​blended learning is simple: participants use both
online and instructor-led training. The proportion of the two can vary widely – it could be
90% online with very occasional in-person training, or the other way around. No matter
which format you choose, just choose what works best for you and your organization.
Blended learning has also proven to be very effective and can provide your employees with
the human benefits of face-to-face interaction – which can lead to higher employee
satisfaction – as well as all the benefits of learning in line. In short: blended learning can give
you the best of both worlds.

Genius Academy saves you time and money by reducing on-site days in favor of our
personalized online courses that include all the information your team will need to get up to
speed quickly and efficiently.

Onboard New Employees Quickly

Genius Academy allows you to onboard new employees quickly and efficiently, as you will
always have access to comprehensive and up-to-date training materials, without incurring
additional training costs.

Continuous Learning

Continued access to Genius Academy will allow your team to develop new skills and
knowledge, develop their expertise and skills.

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