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Students study according to the learning curriculum and use the CMS to take tests and submit reports. The instructor will use the CMS to check the student’s progress and test results, and evaluate the grades. In addition to the above, it has a content distribution function, a communication function such as bulletin boards and SNS, a peer assessment function, a questionnaire function, etc., and it is possible to exchange learner information and grade information with an external school affairs management system. many. It is used almost synonymously with LMS (Learning Management System), but it is often called LMS when individual content distribution is more important than course curriculum management.

We can provide functions related to customer support from reservation to settlement based on front desk operations, as well as functions related to management such as finance and accounting. We can also provide a comprehensive management system for centralized management of golf integrated systems at multiple locations at the head office (headquarters). You can manage the course management work related to the course that is the life of the golf course with the course, people, materials, and budget. In addition, by installing a meteorological observation device, it is possible to predict pests and diseases.

We also provide a report management system using the Web when managing multiple golf course courses.

A properly implemented occupational safety management system must guarantee the reduction of costs deriving from accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses by minimizing the risks to which employees and in general all the people who can revolve around the company may be exposed.

Company (customers, suppliers, cooperative workers, etc.); increasing the efficiency of the company; the improvement of occupational health and safety levels; the maximum ease in being able to produce all the documentation required by the new standards.